12.8V Lithium-ion Battery

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A Lithium Iron Phosphate battery comprised of four 3.2V GBS cells at either 100/160/200Ah. Securely arranged within a robust compression bracket including terminal bridges to allow the desired arrangement. 


  • 2000 cycles @ 80% Depth of discharge
  • Fast charge to 80% in 30mins or 100% in 2-3 hrs
  • ≤ 1% self discharge per month
  • Failsafe one-way spring release safety valve
  • Solar storage/ Marine/ Off-Grid/ Mobile home application
  • Parallel up to 3, Series as many as required
  • 2 year warranty 


GBS 12V 100Ah LFP battery Spec sheet    GBS 12V 160Ah LFP battery spec. sheet        

User manual for lithium iron battery bluetooth battery management system    GBS safety guidance and instructions